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Are you a good enough skier to Heli-Ski? YOU BET!

Posted by Katrina Rosen on Jan 23, 2013 11:55:00 AM

Did you know that Heli-Skiing is not just for expert skiers? Here are a few questions to ask yourself to confirm you are an ideal candidate to become a Heli-Skier.

Helicopter and Skiers: Powder 101 with CMH Heli-SkiingAre you a strong intermediate skier?

You should be able to master blue runs at a resort ski hill. You would want your quads to be fit enough to spend consecutive days out on the hill and that you feel comfortable going on the occasional black diamonds. You don’t have to be the most graceful or aggressive skier at the hill to become a Heli-Skier but with these skills, you will get the most out of your Heli-Skiing experience.

Do you like to soak up the little powder on the side of a run?

I know I always try to, but it is very difficult to learn how to ski powder at a resort because there is just never enough of it! It doesn’t matter how early you make it to the hill in the morning, the snow is carved up fast. Powder turns must be learnt in powder. If it is your first time in CMH Powder, the initial turns may not be you’re most elegant, but it won’t be long till you begin to feel the perfect fluidity of your skis in all of that legendary snow.

Would you fit in?

Guests at CMH range in ages from teenagers to fit 70 and 80 years old and there is a wide range of experience and abilities.

A first time Heli-Skier just came out of from Bobbie Burns last Saturday and remarked.

“I was so nervous heading out on the first day; I really did not want to hold anyone else up. But the guides and the entire group were incredible that I felt comfortable right away. AND THE SKIING! That was the best skiing ever, I never even imagined that it would be that good!!”

Still have concerns that you are not an expert? Call us, and chat to one of our honest agents and they will let you know how you can rate your ability and help you choose a trip that it is appropriate for you. CMH Powder University offers Powder 101 courses for first timers (see video here) and Powder 707 for Masters. You could also book a private group or a family ski trip of a lifetime. Our agents can help you decide on the length of stay for your Heli-Skiing trip and to understand the logistics of arriving to the finest destination of Heli-Skiing in the world.

CMH terrain has been treated very well this season with a record load of snow in the Columbia Mountains (see our online photo gallery here!). Over 23 feet of fresh beautiful powder has already fallen this winter and there is no better experience than to leave your trailing mark on the mountain. Don’t delay any longer in booking one of these great trips that are still on offer for 2013.

CMH K2 Small Group – 3 groups of 5 - capacity 15 skiers
Availability: Feb 4- five days/Feb 14 – four days/Feb 28 – four days

Gothics Lodge: 3 groups of 11 skiers - lodge capacity 33 skiers/boarders
Availabilty: Feb 9- four days

Adamant Lodge – 3 groups of 5 in two helicopters – lodge capacity 30 skiers/boarders
Availability: March 16/March 23/March 30/ April 6/ April 13
Monashee Lodge Small Group – 2 groups of 5 and 3 groups of 5 in the Small Heli – capacity 25 skiers/boarders
Availability :  March 16

Galena Next Generation – 4 groups of 11 – lodge capacity 44 skiers/boarders
Availability: March 30 - seven days.  (Skiers under 25 ski for HALF PRICE) 

Gothics Powder 101 - Girls School- 1 group of 10 female skiers – lodge capacity 33 skiers/boarders
Availability: April 9 - four days                       

Private trips have availability!  You don’t need to be hucking cliffs or an expert to ski a private area, you just need to get a group together and go!  Private trips are available for 4–10 skiers at various areas including Nomads North and Nomads South.

Now that you have realized your potential, it is just a matter of making those sweet goals come true. Call us today and we'll see you in the Heli before the end of the season.

Photo: Powder Intro with CMH Heli-Skiing in the Bugaboos, by Brad White.

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