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Heli-Skiing in Pakistan on CNN


Heli-Skiing made the front-page on CNN last weekend with a story about Heli-Ski exploration in Pakistan. The plot is irresistible. Brice Lequertier, an Everest veteran who has skied from the summit, leading a team of world-class snow riders on an exploratory Heli-Skiing expedition to Pakistan’s famed Karakoram Range, home to the highest concentration of 8000-metre peaks on earth:

We’re turning even the most severe environments in the world into a playground, and I guess the only limit to what a Heli-Skier can do is the altitude limit that a helicopter can fly and land safely. The sky isn’t the limit, but it’s close.

I cued up the video excitedly, ready for a new frontier of skiing, but I must admit, it isn’t what I expected.  The journalist from Walkabout Films who narrates the story is enthusiastic and attractive, the mountains are beautiful, the filming is well done, and the scale of the mountains is mind-blowing, but for some reason the piece leaves something to be desired.

To begin with, the skiing shown in the video, while inarguably hardcore at extreme altitude, is hardly inspiring.  The skiers and snowboarders, who I have no doubt are great riders, make easy terrain look really difficult.

Maybe it is the unusual high altitude snow that makes the skiers appear to be having difficulty making simple turns, or maybe it's the lack of oxygen in their legs, but for whatever reason it looks like a ski video from the world’s highest bunny hill.

Maybe it's the green army helicopter they use that made it all seem a bit more like a military exercise than having fun on skis and snowboards in the mountains.

Maybe it's just bad timing for snow quality, and at other times the region could deliver great powder skiing on the world’s highest mountains with the potential for insane vertical.

Maybe they're saving the sick footage for the feature film.

Whatever the reason, the video didn’t really make me want to book my next Heli-Ski vacation to the Karakoram; but it's still fun to see Heli-Skiing make the prime time.


Oh Hans...look what you started
Posted @ Tuesday, April 09, 2013 11:07 AM by Becky CMH Reservations
I've been to the more "accessible" parts of the Karakoram range - it is some of the most daunting terrain I have ever come across. You have to be there to realize how insane it is! 
The army has to assist you because the region is still pretty wild, there aren't any tourism companies that will take you there...another reason why it's so enticing ;)
Posted @ Wednesday, April 10, 2013 10:03 PM by Lisa
We are saving the 'sick' stuff for the movie! This was a report by the CNN reporter... not Walkabout Films 'journalist' as you mention. We are a filmmaking company.  
The 'extreme' part of the adventure is the altitude and the unbelievably intimidating scale of these mountains. 
'like' our FB page 
For photos of the event and info on when and where to see the film. 
Posted @ Thursday, May 09, 2013 4:33 PM by Walkabout Films
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