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Video: How CMH Heli-Skiing prepares for your dream season

Posted by Topher Donahue on Nov 14, 2013 6:44:00 AM

For the last three months, the CMH Heli-Skiing staff has been competing with the squirrels for who can be better prepared for the deep snows of Western Canadian winter.

For those of us who join CMH for the world-class powder and hospitality, it seems as though the lodges are stocked and ready for us as if by magic, so this year the staff made this video to capture the precision frenzy of preparing a CMH Heli-Skiing lodge for a winter of fun and pleasure.

Get Ready to Take Flight - Winter is Coming from CMH Heli-Skiing on Vimeo.

The mastermind behind stocking the lodges is Rick Carswell, who, with a small team, carefully inventories and stocks 40,000 pounds of non-perishable food and beverages into each lodge before the roads are drifted closed for the heart of Heli-Ski season. Perishable items are brought in to the remote lodges each week using a combination of helicopter and snow machine, but the fall stock provides the lion’s share of the calories that will fuel five months of turning deep powder dreams into reality.

Then there’s the 13,000 bottles of wine that are stocked to celebrate realizing those dreams...

Meanwhile, in the Alpine Helicopter’s hangar, the fleet of helicopters used by CMH Heli-Skiing is being tuned up for ski season and converted from fire fighting and flight-seeing machines into one of the world’s largest and most well-maintained fleets of Heli-Ski helicopters.

Ski and snowboard technicians are slapping bindings on the latest quiver of powder harvesting tools from K2, Atomic and Burton, guides are testing safety equipment and the lodge staff is putting the final touches on the comfortable rooms, luxurious spas, welcoming living areas and cozy lounges that so many CMH Heli-Skiers call, quite simply, “home”.

CMH Heli Ski lodge











Photo of Gothics Lodge by Topher Donahue.

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The Greatest Job in the Ski Industry, Umm... World?

Posted by John Entwistle on Jun 18, 2012 2:43:00 PM

So, working for CMH... Sounds great, doesn't it? Well, it is great... And it sure does live up to expectations! Most of us end up here for a love of skiing, and or, the mountains. Maximizing time spent out in the mountains is why most of us are here! As far as jobs at CMH go, there are 3 main types, all which incorporate slightly different ways of getting out skiing.


1) The Office Job: Yup, just like any other company, CMH needs a full office staff to support our operations out in the mountains. Based in Banff, we get lots of skiing over the winter at our local ski hills Lake Louise, Sunshine, and Mt. Norquay.

Sidestash MarkP resized 600

Every Thursday, we get an email that lays out potential spaces for any lodges with available space. Reply to the email with where you want to go, and your name is in!

Once you put your name in, and you are next on the seniority list, you get the nod. Time to shred the best skiing this planet has to offer! We have several office staff who easily qualify for one of our coveted "Million Foot Suits" (Though we don't hand them over to staff).

This photo is of one of our former office staff, Mark P (one of two Mark P's that are now known as quitter 1 and quitter 2) and the line he was facing at the Gothics during his ski week this past February.



2) Lodge Staff: These are the people whodescribe the imagemake those remote mountain lodges so much more than just shacks in the woods. Your cookers, cleaners, ski techs, massagers, etc. work hard all day and night to make the lodge such a great place to be. All of our lodge staff are extremely passionate about their work, but it all comes down to the skiing. I am not sure I have ever seen anyone move so quickly as any lodge staffer who gets the call over the radio that there is an empty seat in the helicopter. Sometimes you can have as little forewarning as 10 minutes to drop your mop and boot-up!


Here is Bugaboo Lodge manager Lianne Marquis getting deep while on a "break" from day to day activities. Lianne has perfected her pre-ski routine to maximize the turns when the call comes.




3) Guiding: This is the obvious one. And though safety is clearly on the forefront of every guide's mind, it would be a lie if you said they weren't also having fun. First tracks- all day, every day. Now that's good living!

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Looking for the world's best job? Think you have one that can top these? Send us an email at, or visit our Jobs page at

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