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How the Bobbie Burns Heli-Ski area got its name

Posted by Topher Donahue on Jul 23, 2013 6:45:00 AM

bobbie burns heli skiingAmong Heli-Skiing areas, Bobbie Burns is memorable in many ways: the fast-paced skiing and snowboarding, the diverse terrain that includes parts of both the Purcell and Selkirk ranges, the summer program with a headline-grabbing via ferrata and now a one-of-a-kind adventure hike (story in the Robb Report) past waterfalls and glaciers.

But there is also the name. With its CMH siblings sporting an entirely different flavor of nomenclature - Bugaboos, Galena, K2, Revelstoke, Galena, Gothics, Monashees, Adamants, Cariboos and Valemount – just how did the Bobbie Burns get its name?

Well, my research first took me to Sun Valley Idaho where a lifer ski bum and ski legend by the name of Bobbie Burns changed the way the world skis moguls with his SFD (Straight $%!& Down) approach to bump runs, and in the 1970s he invented The Ski, which was the freestyle ski of choice for years. In 2013 The Ski was resurrected by Scott (with a rocker) and took this year’s Ski of the Year award at Fall Line Magazine.

Next, I came across an 18th century Scottish poet and lyricist with the same name. In 2009 the poet Robert Burns was chosen in a vote run by a Scottish television channel as “the greatest Scot.”  His most famous poem, Auld Lang Syne, is a staple of New Year’s celebrations in English speaking countries for it’s theme of paying respect to times gone by.

Third, I found myself researching a Swedish footwear brand, Bobbie Burns, that in their words was “inspired by the early rock-and-roll, skate and punk scene." Their website is complete with images of parkour athletes throwing huge tricks against graffiti-strewn concrete walls.

Finally, I came across a book, “Canadian Mountain Place Names:  The Rockies and the Columbia Mountains” by Glen W. Boles, William Lowell Putnam and Roger W. Laurilla. Roger Laurilla?  That name brings to mind epic tree skiing in one of the world’s most legendary of ski destinations: The Monashees. For indeed, Roger and I shared a week of epic skiing at CMH Monashees during his tenure as the CMH Monashees area manager. We didn’t see much of each other, however – it snowed nearly two metres during the week we skied together. According to his book, the Robert E. Burns is an old mining claim in the Vowell group on the eastern side of the Columbia Mountains, which is named in honour of the Scottish Poet.

So which one was it that inspired the name of the CMH Lodge? As a disciple of the ski bum lifestyle, I threw out a silent vote for the Sun Valley bump master being the inspiration for the Bobbie Burns Lodge. Also, the rock-and-roll, skate and punk footwear theme does share some aspects of the ski and snowboard culture - especially on a Friday night at the Bobbie Burns Lodge - but the Bobbie Burns footwear brand is 30 years younger than the CMH Bobbie Burns Heli-Skiing area.

As it turns out, the CMH Bobbie Burns Lodge is located next to the Bobbie Burns Creek, which was named after the mining claim.  So while our current snowsport and Heli-Skiing culture may share more commonalities with punk footwear and legendary ski bums than with 200-year-old poets, the CMH Bobbie Burns Lodge's namesake is the 18th Century Scottish Poet, Robert E. Burns.

Photo: Approaching Mach 1 while Heli-Snowboarding at CMH Bobbie Burns by Topher Donahue.

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