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4 Fabulous Women-Only Heli-Hiking Trips with CMH Summer Adventures


We've always known that women are an adventurous bunch: extremely capable and committed to physically challenging themselves with unique and authentic experiences. We also know that while they love to get outside and stretch those muscles, building and maintaining meaningful connections with their girlfriends, sisters, mothers and daughters is equally important. Blend together those two elements with a cozy lodge, great food & wine and a whole lot of laughter and you've got yourself the perfect girlfriend getaway. CMH is pleased to unveil an expanded summer line-up of four fabulous Women-Only trips focusing on fun, mountain adventure and that all important shared sense of camaraderie.

jump for joy resized 600

NEW: Bodacious BOLD! in the Bobbie Burns (August 23-26, 2012). Join Margo Sutter and Cindy Pocza for “Core & Cork” in the Bobbie Burns. Climb the Mt. Nimbus Via Ferrata and/or Heli-Hike in the inspiring Selkirk Mountains. Après hiking learn some core strengthening tips from Margo and Cindy, then celebrate your amazing day in the mountains with wine tasting at cocktail hour.

NEW: The Ultimate Mother-Daughter Getaway with Marybeth Bond (August 5-8, 2012). Award-winning National Geographic author and editor of 11 books including best sellers 50 Best Girlfriend Getaways in North America; A Woman’s World; and Gutsy Women, Marybeth Bond is America’s preeminent expert on women’s travel. Hosted by Marybeth and her own daughter, this getaway will be a celebration for all women-- mothers, aunts, sisters, and friends alike.

Bodacious in the Bugaboos - The Classic (August 17-20 and August 20-23, 2012). Back by popular demand, join trip hosts Ellen Slaughter and Angie Smith for epic and guided heli-hiking, ridiculous laughs, alpine inspired cocktails and invigorating yoga...and some special Bodacious surprises.

Stretch n' Stir - Yoga & Cooking  (August 23-26, 2012) This alpine experience mixes up yoga, cooking and heli-hiking in one over-the-top recipe. Escape with morning mind-body yoga with your personal instructor, Julie Sagan, followed by exhilarating days of heli-hiking and fresh mountain air. Return to the lodge for cooking lessons with the very saucy Chef Sandra Davis from Edmonton’s The Saucy Gourmet.

To learn more about this great options for reunions, birthday celebrations or just a great weekend away, check out this clip and give CMH Summer Adventures a call at 1.800.661.0252.

Find Your Everest: Jordan Romero and the Seven Summits


Last week, Jordan Romero, a 15-year-old from California, became the youngest person to stand on the highest point on all seven continents - the famed Seven Summits.  At age 13 he climbed Everest, becoming the youngest person to climb the world’s tallest mountain. 

While his feats as a youngster are astounding, in my opinion, the biggest inspiration in his quest is the name he gave to his expedition: “Find Your Everest”. 

The feat of the Seven Summits has many flavors.  There’s the soft-man’s Seven Summits which includes Australia’s easy Kosciuszco, and the hard-man’s version, which Romero completed and instead climbs the technical Carstensz Pyramid in New Guinea.

A Canadian, Pat Morrow, is generally credited with the first ascent of the big seven, having completed the hard man’s version in 1986.  American Dick Bass was the one who dreamed up the quest, and finished the soft man’s version of the seven in 1985. There are claims to fame for being the first to ski the seven summits, the first blind ascents, the first couple to climb them all, and the fastest (7 months).  The total estimated cost of a guided seven summits is $130,000.  For the future, a wind- and human-powered Seven Summits would be among the greatest adventures in human history.

Of all the many feats of the Seven Summits, Romero’s expedition is the first to suggest that the important thing here is not to climb the highest peaks, but rather to find your own version - any healthy pursuit that will inspire you to do more than you ever thought possible will do.

find your everest canada

My hope is that Jordan Romero will continue with his “Find Your Everest” theme and use his fame and his youth to inspire other kids to challenge themselves outdoors in whatever healthy way they can.  Everest isn’t for everyone, but the outdoors is - or should be. 

After all the legends and tragedies that have unfolded on the world’s highest peaks, it is ironic that a 15-year-old would finally distill the experience down to a bit of simple wisdom that anyone can benefit from: Find Your Everest.

It appears to me that in these three simple words, Romero has answered the age-old question of why people climb mountains and seek challenges.  It takes the many concepts thats Everest summit alumni have been explaining, on the tour circuit and on many thousands of written pages, and distills them all into a three word sentence:  Find Your Everest. 

It doesn’t really matter what mountain it is - or even if it has anything to do with mountains for that matter - it’s about facing challenges, striving for improbable goals, pursuing a healthy lifestyle, and all the myriad reasons people choose to explore outdoor sports and adventure travel. 

Photo of a young boy finding his Everest in the Bugaboos of Western Canada during a CMH Family Adventure.

Why would you use a helicopter to go hiking?


It’s a good question, considering how much excellent hiking can be found in places like the Appalachian Mountains, the Rockies, the Sierras, the Alps, the Andes and other areas where cars, planes and trains provide easy access to the high country.

For me, after spending the better part of four decades as part of the mountaineering culture, a culture where helicopters and bush planes are commonly used to access some of the world’s ultimate climbing destinations, the concept of using a helicopter to access the world’s ultimate hiking destination makes perfect sense.

I’ve used helicopters to access world-class adventure travel destinations in the Alaska Range, the Canadian Rockies, the New Zealand Alps and the Himalaya.  The reason is simple: the helicopter gets you out there to places where few other people ever go, to places where you feel like you're visiting a different planet.

This photo, taken during a CMH Summer Adventure in the Columbia Mountains of Western Canada, shows the kind of world the helicopter allows you to experience: 

remote luxury hiking canada

It is nothing like hiking in the automobile-accessible areas of the Rockies, the the Alps or the Andes. 

It is a world where there are no trails that were not first formed by hooves and paws. 

It is a world where you and your friends can be the only human beings for as far as the eye can see in every direction. 

The CMH Summer Adventure differs in one significant way from the other aircraft-accessed mountain adventures I've experienced.  In the typical mountaineering use of helicopters and planes, we use the aircraft for a relatively long flight to a destination at the base of the mountain we want to climb, and then the aircraft leaves us for days or even weeks.  With CMH, the lodge locations, smack in the middle of the wilderness, makes the helicopter a reasonable tool for daily access. 

The helicopter flights during a CMH Summer Adventure range from less than 5 minutes, to about 15 minutes.  The combination of the short helicopter flights in and out of the high country and the wilderness lodge in the heart of the mountains, is the key to the unique and unforgettable CMH experience.  

The helicopter allows you to spend the day in this alpine wonderland, and then take a short flight to the comforts of an isolated luxury lodge for an evening of fantastic dining, a massage, a spa, and a glass of wine on a deck overlooking some of the most pristine wilderness in North America.  

So why use a helicopter?  Think of it as affordable space travel in your own backyard.  

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