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Posted by Marty von Neudegg on Wed, Jan 20, 2010

Wherever people gather to discuss the mountains a very curious thing happens.  Quite often the conversation turns to tales of difficult challenges, wild adventures, inhospitable environments and danger.  But the true nature of the mountains is far removed from those one-dimensional views.  Mountains can be imposing and occasionally very tough taskmasters.  But they are also beautiful, welcoming, invigorating and revitalizing.  Looking at the mountains is a bit like looking at a field full of horses.  At first they all look the same, but the more you watch them the more you come to realize that each one has its own character.

CMHHeli-Hiking, B GoldstoneMountain adventurers are a bit like those horses.  The more you look at them the more you realize how subjective their “adventure” has become.  For some folks walking a well travelled trail in a park with a canopy of forest over their heads is a stretch of their comfort level and opens a world of discovery.  For others, nothing less than conquering the summit of the earth’s greatest peaks serves as a test of their mettle.  The great part is that they are “out there” adventuring in their own way and motivated to be a part of a unique culture of people.   They want to tell their stories and the rest of us want to hear them and learn even a small part of what they learned from their journey.

Our goal is that this blog will become an opening window into the full spectrum mountain life. From the apprehensions of a neophyte to the gravitas of the world’s best mountaineers, this site will explore a world that only the fortunate few choose to be a part of.  Paradoxically these stories will give us a peek into the soul of everyone who is searching for passion and challenge and fun!   The mountains of western Canada deliver those elements (and new topics) in spades! Many stories will be told leaving questions to consider, but in the end we hope that you will find something that conveys a piece of timeless wisdom that reflects who we are as mountain people and why we do the things we do.

So we invite you to join us on The Adventure.

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