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Heli Hiking? BORING... or maybe not?

Posted by John Entwistle on Tue, Feb 02, 2010

Well it's official. Phil the groundhog has decided that there will be six more weeks of winter. This of course means that our winter guests have six more months of epic snow days and crisp mornings. Then of course we will venture in to spring skiing. Where there will be more epic snow days and crisp mornings. The sun will be out longer, but we will still have those skis on our feet! All of this thinking about snow has been making me think deeply... so deeply in fact, that I have been thinking about what happens when all of the snow is gone over the summer months. What is buried under the 4 meters of snow that we are skiing on right now at our lodges?


And the answer can be found with Canadian Mountain Holidays Summer Adventures. Previously known as CMH heli hiking, Summer Adventures will encompass much more than simple heli hiking.


Wait a second... Heli hiking? Isn't hiking something that my grandparents and parents like doing? I would much rather be hanging out at the beach with my friends, wakesurfing, or even sleeping! I mean sure, helicopters are cool. But hiking... It just seems like a large amount of walking with absolutely no purpose.

This is what I used to think of hiking. But I have since been exposed to hiking a la CMH. Last fall, I climbed the 6th rocky mountain that I have been to the top of. Although I did all of the work myself, I really did not enjoy the four hour slog through the dense valley forest to get above the tree line where the real fun begins. I am now currently imagining what it would be like to have a helicopter (which is the coolest mode of transportation on the planet) whisk you past the boring part of the hike and straight to the amazing part!


And let me tell you, the first time you sit on the edge of a mountain with your feet hanging with nothing but thousands of feet of empty air below, you will experience something that is impossible to experience anywhere else. You will all of a sudden feel small, sitting among the large masses of rock surrounding you. And with CMH when it is time to leave, you don't have to worry about the four hour slog back down to your car. A helicopter will be waiting nearby to pick you up and transport you to the next mountain location. At the end of the day the helicopter will fly you back to the remote mountain lodge. Ew... a remote mountain lodge? That sounds disgusting... I was done with outhouses years ago!


But oh no... The lodges at CMH are really something else. Generally when you picture a remote mountain lodge you picture something that is falling apart with outhouses, and dirty water. Well how about at CMH where you have your own pastry chef, hot tub, basketball court, BED, TOILET, heated tile, BAR, this list could go on forever... Suffice to say that a summer adventure with CMH will provide you with an experience you never thought possible... And if standing on the top of a mountain that threatens to make you pee your pants doesn't sound exciting enough for you; try our Via Ferrata, a mountaineering course over Mount Nimbus that will be sure to get your heart pumping.

 I am most certainly looking forward to my Canadian Mountain Holidays Summer Adventure, when will your adventure begin?


See you out there