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Our Family Celebration – CMH Style

Posted by Jane Carswell on Tue, Feb 23, 2010

by Ellen Slaughter

I’m a very lucky person. Now in their 80’s, my parents are healthy, active and full of vim and inspiration to our whole family!
A couple of years ago my mom’s 80th birthday was fast approaching. My sister, brother, dad and I were all wondering how we could truly celebrate, mom, someone so unique, witty and life-loving...the person who has always been the “glue” in our family.Famliy Gatherings, CMH Summer Adventures
Then it happened! We all agreed to go on a family heli-hiking trip in the Bugaboos. For 3 ½ days that August, all 14 of us, ranging in age from 15 – 84, came together from all across Canada to celebrate our mom, grandma and wife.
As we arrived at the heli-pad, there stood mom and dad waiting for us, my mom smiling from ear to ear. That beautiful smile never left her face for our entire trip. From the time we hopped into the chopper at the helipad until we returned there a few days later, all the CMH staff embraced us as if we were superstars.
The lodge was our home-away-from-home. We chatted by the fire, gathered for delicious meals, played cards late into the night, hung out at the bar, danced and played ping pong. We celebrated the “Birthday Girl” with toasts, stories, laughter, tears and a huge birthday cake baked fresh for her by the lodge pastry chef.
Each day our chopper flew us high into the alpine and with our guides; we explored the spectacular Bugaboo Range. Two of the kids spent a day roped up scaling granite faces with a mountaineering guide and others hiked across a glacier to summit a rarely visited peak. After hiking hard for several hours, some of us cooled off with a skinny dip.  Mom and dad flew back to the lodge after lunch for some R&R.
All 14 of us treasure special memories of the time we shared together. In celebration of my mom’s milestone birthday, we reconnected as a family. Tucked away at the remote Bugaboo Lodge our busy city lives faded away and we had time to just BE – BE together, BE a family. We all agreed this was the greatest gift that we could give mom and each other!

Celebrating a milestone this summer?  Graduation, birthday, anniversary or other success?  Consider the Bugaboos or Bobbie Burns for your group's celebration.  Contact Audrey, our Memory Maker Extraordinare to start planning your gathering.  1.800.661.0252 or by e-mail at

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