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Avoid the new HST with CMH!


The Province of British Columbia, along with the Government of Canada, have announced the implementation of a new Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) which will replace the British Columbia provincial tax of 8% and the federal GST of 5% with one new HST of 12%.  Jans Perch, CMH CariboosThis new tax will take effect on July 1, 2010.  While the amount looks smaller, in actuality the tax will increase the amount payable by foreign travelers coming to B.C. 
Because of the way rebates are calculated by the two governments, this tax will have the effect of increasing the tax payable on a CMH Summer Adventure trip by 3.5%, on the total trip cost, over previous years when you would have paid a total of 2.5%.  In other words, after the Foreign Visitor’s Rebates, the total tax payable will be 6% rather than 2.5%.

Without getting into too many details there is a way to save you this extra tax if you pay for your CMH Summer Adventure trip in full prior to May 1, 2010.  (May 1 is the deadline set by the government to not be included in the HST.)

If you pay before May 1, 2010 you will save 3.5% on your total trip cost.
For example, let’s say you and your spouse are booked in August 2010 in the Bugaboos:

The trip price is: $4,980 for the two spaces.
The taxes after July 1 will be: $297.14
Total payable After July 1:$5,277.14

However, If you pay before May 1 your tax saving will be:$ 173.36
Total Payable Before May 1: $5,103.78

Take advantage of this price savings. Secure your CMH Summer Adventure space today.  Call our Summer Experts, Audrey & Tanya at 1.800.661.0252 or drop us an e-mail at

Photo, Jan's Perch, CMH Cariboos by Topher Donahue


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