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Summer Adventures With Bikini Boot Camp

Posted by John Entwistle on Thu, Mar 25, 2010

By: Ellen Slaughter


Each summer a growing number of women join us on our Heli-Hiking adventures. In 2009 Dawn Kosloski, co-owner of Bikini Boot Camp, was one of these women. This summer Dawn is hosting a trip for Bikini Boot Camp recruits. I had the chance to sit down with Dawn and ask her a couple of questions about the trip.

Ellen: Dawn, you were a successful geologist in Calgary's oil patch. What prompted you to switch gears and build Bikini Boot Camp across Canada?
Dawn: I have always been passionate about physical activity and the outdoors. When my best friend Lindsay started Bikini Boot Camp in 2004 and asked for my assistance, I loved the idea! As the business grew I realized how excited I was about the company and what it stands for.

Ellen: Where do you get your satisfaction as an owner of Bikini Boot Camp?
Dawn: I am so happy to be a part of building such an amazing company that empowers women in a positive, fun and supportive environment while challenging them to be their very best. It's an incredible feeling to be able to celebrate the success of our participants and trainers.

Ellen: You were on a CMH women's Heli-Hiking trip last summer. Now in 2010 you are hosting a Heli-Hiking trip for Bikini Boot Campers. What is it about a CMH women's trip that matches up well with Bikini Boot Camp's core values?
Dawn: "Bikini Boot Camp Gets Bold" is an extension of our programs which empower women in a positive, fun and supportive environment while challenging them to be their very best. The opportunity to be able to bring together a group of amazing and like minded, active women wanting to take time for themselves or with girlfriends or family is an easy choice. This trip will empower, inspire and amaze you!

Ellen: What are 3 things you would like any woman who is thinking about joining "Bikini Boot Camp Gets Bold" to know?

1. You can do this! The Bikini Boot Camp and CMH team will guide and support you every step of the way and make this fun and incredible weekend one you will never forget. Every detail, from the top of the line equipment to the unlimited home made cookies, is taken care of.

2. You can come alone! You will be with a group of like minded and amazing women who will feel like family by the end of the trip. You will laugh and celebrate your successes and all those fun and breathtaking moments together.

3. You deserve this! What better way to Celebrate Yourself than by treating yourself to a world class, once in a lifetime, fun and fabulous experience. From your first views of the magnificent granite spires to the incredible feeling of being on top of the world in the helicopter this trip will leave you breathless!

Thanks Dawn.  It's great to chat.  To learn more about the exciting growth of Bikini Boot Camp across Canada, check out the April issue of Alberta Venture.  Dawn always inspires me with her positive, fun-loving, can-do approach to life.  I'm excited to get out in the mountains with her this summer.  I hope you can join us.



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