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Heli-Hiking? Yes, but so much more...

Posted by Jane Carswell on Thu, Apr 08, 2010

Sometimes as a parent you wonder if the name you've given your child is the right one.  I mean, they have to live with it for their entire lives, right?  Well, for 32 years we’ve been introducing travellers to the mountains of western Canada with our own unique flavour and flair as CMH Heli-Hiking.  For 31 years we’ve been uncomfortable with this name and we finally realized that, like a child really could change their name if they didn't like it, so can we. 

CMH Summer AdventuresSo today we are pleased to announce the new face of CMH.  CMH Summer Adventures more accurately conveys the range of experiences that we offer. From Family Vacations to Yoga Retreats, Women’s Adventures to Via Ferrate, our adventures invigorate, educate, and revitalize a variety of travellers.

For 2010 we have an exciting line up for CMH Summer Adventures.  Some of the amazing trips we've offered in the past are still here, as well as some new partnerships that we're excited about:

We hope to see you this summer on one of our many CMH Summer Adventures.  Contact a Heli-Hiking Expert at 1.800-661-0252 or visit the website at

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