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Why I Guide: An Interview with a CMH Summer Adventures Guide

Posted by Jane Carswell on Mon, Jun 21, 2010

I love being in the mountains.  It puts my life into perspective, and truly makes me appreciate this amazing place in which I live and play.  But do I love the mountains enough to be a guide?  Tempting, but I'm not sure I've got it in me.  Becoming a certified mountain guide through the International Federation of Mountain Guides (IFMGA) is a long haul. On average, the time and money invested in becoming a mountain guide is comparable to attaining any university degree.

Erich Unterberger, Area Manager of CMH Adamants, is made of much sterner stuff than me.  A long-time CMH guide, Erich truly loves these mountains and draws his energy from them.

We asked Erich why he loves to guide and were lucky enough to get his response on video.  Take a look - his passion will move you.


At Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH), safety is our number one priority.  To that end, all of the guides that lead our guests on mountaineering routes and hiking trails on a CMH Summer Adventure are fully certified mountain professionals.  All have some level of certification through the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) or the IFMGA.

You can join Erich on a CMH Summer Adventure this July, August and September while he makes some guest appearances at the Bobbie Burns and Bugaboos.  Alternatively, he'd love to take you for a few turns this winter if you come heliskiing at the Adamants!

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