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Heli-Hiking: Too Easy? Too Hard?


The most common myth around heli-hiking, CMH Summer Adventure's core activity, is that it is either too easy or too hard.  The term conjures up...well, nothing consistent in the minds of travellers.

In reality, heli-hiking is just as hard, or just as easy, as you want it to be.  Here's why:

1. Our guests, not our guides, set the gait.Heli-Hiking with CMH. Too Easy?

We're not kidding when we say this.  At the Bobbie Burns lodge, for example, we accommodate a maximum of 44 guests and we have 7 guides available.  That means we can have 7 different levels of walking, hiking, and trekking groups.  We've been working on this formula for over 30 years now and rarely do we have a guest leave without getting exactly the hiking experience they are after. 

2.  We cater to non-hikers.

Whether it's a hike, walk or amble, each heli-hiking day is tailored to each guests' fitness, experience and wishes.  Frankly, we'd be crazy to drag you out on a hike that's way too ambitious and send you home feeling battered and miserable.  After all this is your hard-earned vacation, not boot camp.  If you want to cover very little ground, but really take the time to appreciate the magnificent, awesome scenery, we've got a guide for that.

3. We challenge experienced hikers.CMH Heli-Hiking in the Adamants

Last summer I hiked in the Bugaboos with a couple from Toronto in their mid-40's.  At the start of our hike on day one, Karen looked our guide Kevin in the eye and said 'I want to hike until I cry.'  She wasn't kidding. Kevin wasn't quite sure what to make of her but he and his mile long legs set off and she was right on his heels.  They hiked all day, stopping only for water and snacks and lunch along the way.  I dropped back to join a less-ambitious group! At the end of the day I asked Karen how her day was.  "I had the best day of my life."   Funny thing, two other people in the lodge told me the same thing that night at dinner - a Grandmother in her 70's, and a 17-yr old travelling with his Mom and sister.

4.  We have a helicopter.

The glory of using the helicopter to access the remote ranges of the Canadian Rockies is that we eliminate days of bushwacking (because there are no trails where we hike, and few other people have been here) to get you to the kind of hiking you want to do.  If you aren't keen on uphill, then you and your guide and group will fly to a high mountain ridge that you can meander along, or to an alpine meadow where you can wander through the brilliant colours of our wildflowers.  If uphill gain is your thing, then start in the valley bottom and climb, climb, climb to your heart's content.  We've got a guide for that, too.

Whatever kind of outdoor, walking experience it is that you desire, we guarantee that you will find it on a CMH Summer Adventure.  You can choose your adventure - mountaineering, adventure trails, zip lines, via ferrata, yoga, painting retreats and Girlfriend Getaways.  All of it as hard, or as easy, as you would like.


If you have the ability or the knowledge to do somthing nothing is to hard or too difficult. But you have to be sure about your own physical situation. And a mountain is not a playground where nothing can happen, so if you can't ski don't go heliskiing!
Posted @ Thursday, July 01, 2010 3:30 AM by Robert Unterbuchschachner
Great points to keep in mind for helisking Robert. The great thing about Heli-Hiking, though, is that anyone can do it, and enjoy it!
Posted @ Thursday, July 01, 2010 1:52 PM by Jane Carswell
For me the answer was "just right". Last summer my 70+ year old mom and I hiked at the Bobbie Burns Lodge in August. We loved the challenge but also that the guides recognized we were not out to set any records. We hiked to our hearts content and learned about the flora and beautiful scenery from our knowledgeable guides. I think Heli Hiking really is for everyone!
Posted @ Thursday, July 01, 2010 8:31 PM by Nancy Smith
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