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Family Adventure Vacations: "Awesome!"

Posted by Jane Carswell on Wed, Jul 28, 2010

Summer is synonomous with Family Vacations.  We just returned from our family trip to visit grandparents on Sunday (10 hrs in the car each way from here to Saskatchewan) and then yesterday afternoon I met up with a group of guests returning from the Bugaboo Lodge Family Adventure.  Curious to know how the trip went, I asked one of the kids for feedback on the trip. 

Robson, who is turning 8 next month said "My trip to the Bugaboos was great, no, AWESOME!  I wish we could have stayed for two weeks.  I miss my new friends and I can't wait to tell my friends when they get home today about the helicopter and talking to the pilot in the front seat!"

His mom then asked him what his favourite part of the trip was and he said "Do I have to tell you just one, Mom?  I had so many.  Meeting new friends, water balloon fights, exploring the helicopter, sitting in the helicopter's front seat on the way home.  Hiking in really cool places like yesterday in the grassy and mossy place with the huge spires all around us.  Can we go 4 more times, Mom?!"

Family Adventure Vacations at CMH (kids in flowery meadow)

Then today I recieved the 'flower report' from the guides up at the lodge and was pleased to see a report on more than just the flowers!  Sue, one of the guides on the Family Adventure told these stories:

"I was hiking today with one family, two very quiet boys aged 9 and 7 who never said a word.  We had hiked all day along Black Forest Ridge.  When we stopped at the place where the helicopter would pick us up I asked them what three words they would use to describe the trip to their friends when they got home to San Francisco.  Animatedly they said "Fun...Awesome...Beautiful!"  Wow.  I almost cried.  You never would have known that those were the words they had been thinking."

"On the other end of the spectrum were three guests, 89 - 90 years old that sat in lawn chairs at Tauck Lake today for 3 hrs with another guide.  They said that they felt this was one of the most incredible experiences of their lives. Now how's that for a review!  Beautiful elders who loved every moment of the trip, even though they didn't walk anywhere..."

For those of you that haven't quite made up your mind about what to do before school starts again next month, check out this Live Chat webinar recording with one of our Family Adventure Leaders, Mandi Kujawa and super-star Bugaboo hiking guide, Lyle Grisedale.  There are a handful of spaces left on our August 11 Family Adventure at the Bobbie Burns and the August 14 Family Adventure at the Bugaboos.  More fun than a 10 hr car ride to Saskatchewan.  Guaranteed.

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