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Posted by Jason Semenek on Fri, Jul 30, 2010

CMH Bobbie Burns - The author's wife enjoying the viewI'm freshly back from a 3 day summer adventure at the Bobbie Burns Lodge (yes, an actual trip, with my wife!).  The trip, with all of the helicopter flights, ridge walks, via ferrata adventures and gourmet dining, was amazing.  But what put it over the top, for me, was the time spent with motivational speaker Dr. Joe MacInnis. "Dr. Joe" was at the lodge for 3 days as part of CMH's new Educational Travel program. What a treat for guests and staff alike.

In case you aren't familiar with him, I encourage you to learn more about Dr. MacInnis and his various missions. Some highlights of his career include a Medical Degree, 6 Honorary Doctorates, 10+ books and over 5000 hours spent under the sea (including leading the first dives under the North Pole and some of the first visits to the Titanic!). Most recently, Dr. Joe has been fascinated by leadership, spending his time in the Gulf working with a group of concerned experts and advisors on the "perfect oilstorm".

Current Conditions  An Update on Trip Conditions at the Bobbie Burns Lodge Current Conditions

Flowers, flowers, flowers! Splashes of colour everywhere: purple moss campion, yellow fleabane, white anenomes and red indian paintbush. Conditions are great in all locales, including the Mt. Nimbus Via Ferrata and the Adventure Trail - lots of zip-line excitement going on! The weather has been warm and sunny, melting away the last of the snow.

The Sky AngelDespite all of his accolades and accomplishments, what struck me most about Dr. MacInnis was his passion: Passion for the environment – at the Bobbie Burns, in the Gulf, and around the world. Passion for learning – about the sea, the mountains, and people. Passion for life – his outlook on life, a desire to learn and to share and grow.

And best of all, he wanted to share his passion with everyone!

Guests from 5 to 85 were equally entranced by his evening presentation "FIRESTORM: Leadership lessons from the Gulf of Mexico". And throughout the trip, he happily shared his time, observations, experiences and knowledge with any who asked. Everyone on the trip left feeling optimistic and excited about the future, including Dr. Joe.

Upon my (reluctant) return to the office, an email from Dr. Joe was waiting for me. I think his passionate email says it all – for everyone lucky enough to have shared the experience:

"Thank you for three days in that special place where the mountains are in love with the sky. Thank you for the brilliant sunshine, sparkling glaciers, luminous waterfalls, and snow-packed peaks reaching beyond the horizon. Thank you for mountain guides so willing to share their sense of wonder, empathy and insight. And thank you for the Sky Angel who found us at the end of the day and flew us back to the deep end of the hot tub and a five-star dinner."

— Dr. Joe MacInnis


Jason Semenek works on CMH's websites and online marketing out of the Banff office. He and his wife, Melissa, joined Dr. Joe MacInnis at CMH's Bobbie Burns Lodge July 24 - 27, 2010. Their next adventure will be to the Bugaboos for a Photography Workshop with wilderness photographer John E. Marriott. Lucky them!

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