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Never Let Bad Weather Spoil Good Adventure Travel

Posted by Jane Carswell on Tue, Feb 01, 2011

by Ellen Barone

Was your dream vacation rained out? Have you ever packed for sunshine and warm weather and been greeted with clouds and cold instead?

Heli Hiking in bad weather is just part of the funThe combination of unseasonable temperatures and unexpected weather has ruined many a vacation. But there's more to travel than brochure-blue skies and stereotypical conditions.

To help you cope, follow these travel tips from our facebook and twitter friends, and never again let bad weather spoil a good adventure.

GO with the flow:

Who wants to be a "fair weather" traveler? We live on an amazing planet with many faces and moods. Go with the flow, make the best of whatever you encounter, use it, own it, revel in it! Be safe of course, but don't be afraid to get wet or cold or wind blown. It's an adventure, right? ­- Rick Pawlenty

Travel is full of the unexpected. If I want the same old routine, I'll stay home. Personally I just go for it when bad weather hits. Weather - the good, the bad and the unexpected - is just part of the total travel experience. - Candy Harrington

Jeanine Barone I try to never let bad weather ruin a trip. I still hike, walk, bicycle or ski if it's raining or snowing.

As sailors we learned, you can't control the wind, but you can always adjust your sails. Weather when traveling always offers unplanned opportunities, possibilities and adventures. Carry on. - Peggy Coonley

We go rain or shine if we can get there! We have back up options though when roads get washed out, flash floods etc. - @bikeraft


GO undercover:

If I'm in a city and it's pouring all day, I may do museum and gallery hopping or check out wine bars and new restaurants. -Jeanine Barone

Definitely move indoors - restaurants, galleries, museums, and other indoor activities. - Lola Akinmade-Åkerström

Granted, sometimes Mother Nature cancels your plans because of danger, and in that case I just move indoors. But if I have an outdoor activity planned, I always pack my rain gear, as you just never know. I've had some very pleasant hikes in the rain. And finding a dry cave or rock outcropping for a lunch break is kind of fun too.  - Candy Harrington

GO anyway:

Rainy days are the best for exploring forests. The canopy keeps most of the rain off and you have the woods to yourself. Also, the best days to go whitewater rafting. You're going to get wet anyway, and it makes the adventure more exciting.  - Daina Savage

There's no such thing as bad weather...just bad gear! Dress up and get out there, rain or shine. I spent two weeks in Ireland with record amounts of rain (and that's saying a lot for Ireland!). Now I understand why it's got 40 shades of green! - Jane Canadian Mountain Holidays

GO get your camera:

As a photographer, I can get some really moody atmospheric shots when the weather is bad, so it may actually be a good time to take the camera out for a spin. - Lola Akinmade-Åkerström

It's the ice storms that make the trees all sparkly, the heat waves that send you into great local museums and watering holes you hadn't planned to see, and as photographers know, the best pictures don't happen in bright sunshine. - Daina Savage

There's usually a silver lining in those clouds. - Rick Pawlenty

See you out there!

Bon voyage,


Travel expert Ellen Barone did what many of us only dream of doing: at the age of 35, she traded a successful academic career for the wild blue yonder and set out to explore the world and herself. In the dozen years since that intrepid decision, she has turned passion into profession journeying to more than 70 countries in search of evocative images and life-enriching adventures. Learn more at

Photo: Heli-Hikers on a CMH Summer Adventure embracing the variable mountain weather!

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