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BODACIOUS or BUST...TOP 3 REASONS to be Bodacious in the Bugaboos

Posted by Jane Carswell on Tue, Jan 25, 2011

by Ellen Slaughter

Started in 2005, “Bodacious in the Bugaboos” has become a phenomenon at CMH growing from 1 small trip the first year to 3 trips this summer. It is the perfect combination of spectacular hiking, soul soothing yoga, friendship and wacky fun!

As the co-host of “Bodacious in the Bugaboos” I asked two long time Bodacious Babes what keeps them coming back (and bringing friends) year after year...what are their top 3 reasons for being Bodacious year after year.

Here’s what they said, straight from the heart.

Mt Nimubs Via Ferrata and Heather FriesenHeather Friesen, coming for her 5th year in 2011 with her mom and aunt...

  • It’s a self indulgence that allows me to feel like a princess and an explorer at the same time, eat like a king, revive my soul, spend quality time with friends and remind myself why each day should be treated like the gift that it is.
  • I get to act silly for 3 days in a row...all day long if I want to!!!
  • I get to experience the majestic beauty of the Canadian Rockies and challenge myself physically daily. Both of these are hard to beat!
Kathy Smeland, also joining us in 2011 for her 5th year...
  • Fantastic, Bodacious, Wonderful hosts: ELLEN AND ANGIE!!
  • Amazing guides like Lyle and Kobi
  • Absolutely  beautiful, breathtaking views and being able to go to places I could never, ever have imagined

Angie Smith and I have been partners co-hosting the “Bodacious in the Bugaboos” trips together since the beginning. Angie is also our fabulous Bodacious yoga instructor. I am forever grateful for the special and lasting friendship that we now share, thanks to Bodacious. I asked Angie to tell me her TOP 3 REASON for being Bodacious each year.

Angie Smith at Bodacious in the BugaboosAngie said, “It’s hard to think of just 3...”

  • Sharing my love of yoga
  • Being in the majesty of the mountains
  • Meeting wonderful, intelligent, Bodacious ladies and the friendships that come with the trips

For me the best part of “Bodacious in the Bugaboos” is the phenomenal women I get to know on each and every trip – geologists, mothers and daughters, doctors, stay at home moms, journalists, grandmas, business women, chefs, FRIENDS – and the time we share, the friendships we create and the memories we make. When we get up in the beauty of those mountains and start flying around in the chopper, our spirits soar and something magical happens. And the MAGIC is YOU, the women on the trips. For those of you who have been on a “Bodacious” trip, thank you for enriching my life so deeply. For those of you thinking of coming on a trip, I invite you to join Angie and me on this journey in 2011.

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