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Ready. Set. Go! Zipline fun for all at the Bobbie Burns.

Posted by Jane Carswell on Tue, Mar 15, 2011

by Kendall Hunter

Zipline fun at CMH Bobbie Burns by Kendall Hunter (1)“The absolutely best part of the trip” This is what my daughter’s said about zip lining at CMH's Bobbie Burns Lodge. My ten year-old then surprisingly added, “I thought it was relaxing!”   Probably not the adjective normally attributed to zip lining but. . . I kinda get it. 

We’d chosen the final afternoon of our 3 day Short Escape to zip-line. Most of the other guests had opted for the higher heights of the via farrata.  After a discussion with the kids over breakfast about whether to try out the Mt. Nimbus via farrata, we opted out. Admittedly, I was feeling a bit aggravated about our decision, wondering if we’d made the right choice. I wanted us to get the maximum experience out of our CMH Summer Adventure and the via ferrata seemed like one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that should be grabbed hold of. My kids age 10 and 12, were a bit uneasy with the notion of being committed to such dizzying heights for an entire day, so I followed their lead. Once the sound of the chopper faded into the distance I truly began to accept our decision. Although kids much younger than they have easily navigated the via feratta I didn’t pressure them. This trip was about us enjoying things together, enjoying some quality time as the ink dried on my divorce papers.  Pushing our limits could wait for another day.

After a morning at the rope park we enjoyed a lunch of delicious wraps on the sunny deck of the lodge. We then jumped into a truck, were driven a short distance to an unsuspecting point on the road.  We emerged from the vehicle, the roar of the rapids reaching our ears; setting our hearts a flutter. 

Zipline fun for mother and daughters at CMH Bobbie Burns by Kendall Hunter (2)What followed was a series of exhilarating flights over river rapids, punctuated with short walks on narrow trails through alpine forest. My daughter’s voices, drowned by the roar of the water, were quickly replaced with smiles and shining eyes as they were harnessed and secured onto the zip-lines. They sat suspended in the seconds before being launched; gave me an excited glance before launching over the precipice, arms spread, free as the birds. So caught up in my kids display of sheer abandon, I was rapidly brought back to myself by the snap of the Karabiners on my own harness. With a momentous whiz in my ears, the misty spray of the river on my cheeks I soared downward toward my grinning daughters. The zip-line opening the layer I unwittingly had pulled so tightly over me to ward off the unexpected. I had myself some fun.

The trips we took, crisscrossing the rapids was just enough to make the afternoon complete. The helicopter that came to collect us gave my daughter, the one who hadn’t yet been given the opportunity to sit in front with Gordy the pilot, the chance to do so.  The day had fallen into place perfectly and oddly enough, ended up being a very relaxing experience - the memory tempting us to return, this time ready to take it to new heights.

This summer, why not try your hand on the zipline,or the via ferrate, or just some awesome, above-the-world hiking with CMH Summer Adventures.  You never know what you'll find - inside or out.  Contact CMH Reservations at 1.800.661.0252.

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