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The Skyladder Via Ferrata: Bugaboos Via Ferrata Christened


There is something challenging about naming a climb. It’s a bit like naming a boat; the thing needs to reveal a bit of its personality before it gets an official name. To sailors and climbers, christening a climb or boat prematurely just doesn’t quite feel right, and if you’re the superstitious sort it could bring downright bad luck.

At first, naming the newest CMH Summer Adventure, a Via Ferrata built by the Bugaboo guides, was elusive.  It was referred to as the Bugaboos Via Ferrata but, while nearby, it really isn’t even in the Bugaboos. Then we started out calling it Trundle Ridge, the name of the angular rock formation where the Skyladder is installed, but that wasn’t quite right either as the route climbs a glassy-smooth, near-vertical face rather than a ridge.

This winter, the guides had enough time to dwell on their new Via Ferrata and to give it an official name: The Skyladder Via Ferrata.

Upon hearing about the official name, I looked back through my photos from last summer and realized the name Skyladder fits perfectly. It is indeed a ladder in the sky:

skyladder via ferrata bugaboos

Do you have questions about the CMH Summer Adventures that include Via Ferratas, alpine hiking past glaciers, zip lines above raging whitewater or adventure trails through old growth forests? Give us a call at (800) 661 0252. We love talking about adventure.  Or, if you know you want it, book online.


I got to experience the Skyladder (prior to the official naming) last summer - what an experience! You truly feel as though you are climbing into the sky! Great work, Bugs Guides, can't wait to try it again!
Posted @ Thursday, March 24, 2011 9:53 AM by CdnJake
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