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Interpreting Nature: CMH Offers An Artistic Approach

Posted by Sarah Pearson on Tue, Apr 19, 2011

This summer, CMH Summer Adventures is offering an incredible painting retreat and photo workshop in the mountains of British Columbia, providing the everyday person a unique opportunity to enrich their artistic vision of the world.

In some form or another, interpreting the world around us is an every day part of our lives.  We consider it, vaguely processing our surroundings as it relates to our lives, and then quickly move on to other things. But when we slow down - when we really stop and consider our surroundings – when we take a moment to breathe and see our world through a fresh set of eyes - this is the moment when we can truly appreciate and discover something new in both ourselves and in the world around us. 

Artists have the ability to creatively channel their interpretation of our world and present it back to us in new and inspiring ways. This interpretation is everywhere – in film, dance, music, the written word, photography, painting, and all sorts of creative design.  Luckily, there is artistic merit in all of us, but our challenge is to find an outlet that will let it shine through in our own unique way.

Mountains and wilderness offer inspiring places where we can more deeply explore our own personal interpretation of the world. These vast landscapes, accompanied by natural elements of alpine dappled sunlight and pine infused breezes, can awaken ones senses so as to see the world with a whole new sense of clarity.  Whether you are exploring these landscapes through the lens of a camera or behind easel and canvas, nature can awaken your unique artistic powers.

Photography Workshop with CMH Summer Adventures in the Bugaboo mountainsJoining a peer community for hands-on learning, sharing, and creative exploration can be an excellent way to develop new techniques for self-expression. For those with an appetite to interpret the world through the focused lens of a camera, acclaimed wilderness photographer John E. Marriott is hosting a photography workshop, August 5 – 8, 2011 – the peak of wildflower season – from the Bugaboo Lodge. Carpets of vibrant reds, greens, purples and yellows grace alpine meadows providing a deep contrast to the blue skies, jagged spires and ancient glaciers of the Bugaboo Range.

For those whose expression is best articulated through paint on canvas, on September 7 – 10, 2011, internationally renowned Canadian artist Robert Genn and his colleague Liz Wiltzen are set to lead a plein air painting retreat high in the alpine ranges of these same majestic Bugaboo Mountains. Once you have filled your lungs with mountain air and your paint-box full of masterpieces, you will be lifted up and returned to the luxurious comfort and hospitality of the Bugaboo Lodge.

Slowing down and really looking at the intricate details nature generously offers can be an uplifting and soulful experience. It can fuel us with an ongoing source of internal energy that can last a lifetime - regardless of the outward physical quality of our artistic expression. For most of us, pursuing a creative passion is about the journey and luckily, not so much about the final destination.

Interested in learning more of joining one of these artistic workshops? Call CMH Summer Adventures and ask for Audrey at 1-800-661-0252 or if you are already set you can book online.

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