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Photo Gallery: The 4 Emotions of Adventure Travel

Posted by Topher Donahue on Thu, Jul 28, 2011

Adventure travel is a bit of a misunderstood concept in the first place.  Driving through an ice storm to visit the relatives for Christmas is certainly adventurous travel, but not really what comes to mind when we think of adventure travel or read about it.  Even among classic adventure travel destinations, one person's ideal adventure is another's nightmare.

Billions of words have been written about adventure travel experiences, and millions of photos taken of adventure travel destinations, but still the concept is difficult to define.  In an attempt to define adventure travel as a collection of emotions rather than experiences, I put together these 4 photos taken during CMH Summer Adventures that I feel demonstrate the adventure travel experience on an emotional level.

Love - When a grandma and a grandson have a laugh together high in the Purcell Mountains of Western Canada, love is pretty much the only feeling that comes to mind:

happy kid happy grandma

Euphoria – There is something about walking a suspension bridge between two rock spires at the rim of a kilometre-deep valley rimmed with glaciers that gets the endorphins pumping and brings out expressions that use facial muscles we didn’t even know we had:

via ferrata fear and happiness

Reflection – Gazing across views that only a few people on this planet have ever seen gives even the most insatiable multi-taskers cause to pause, turn off the mind, and stop thinking about both the past and the future for a little while:

glasses reflections helihiking

Wonder – Hiking though a warm summer day across the high tundra, and then taking a moment to peer through a natural ice window of a glacier takes us back to that childlike state where the world is filled with mystery and experiences stay with us forever:

ice window woman hiking

There are places we travel in hopes of feeling these emotions, but many of them are somehow disappointing, and there are others that take you by surprise and hand you an adventure travel experience that blows your mind.

Photos by Topher Donahue

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