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5 Best Photos from August with CMH Summer Adventures

Posted by Jane Carswell on Fri, Sep 02, 2011

September already?  Wow, just like that we're down to only one more trip for the CMH Summer Adventures season for 2011 and then it will be time to get ready for some awesome skiing.

August was a spectacular month in the Bugaboos and the Bobbie Burns.  We had lots of sunshine and little rain which made for great hiking and great wildflower viewing.  And, even a few bears.

Here are the best 5 photos submitted by our guides in the month of August, 2011:

5: I love this photo because I was lucky enough to witness it all come together.  I was at the Bugaboos to hear Polar Explorer Eric Larsen give his "Into The Heart of Cold" presentation.  I hiked with our guide Lyle Grisedale one day and he took our group to Thunderwater Lakes and then up to an area called Pipeline where we walked along Francis Creek.  It was an awesome day that will live in my memory for many years:

CMH Summer Adventures   Francis Creek

4: Earlier this summer the guides at the Bugaboo Lodge completed the lower section of the Skyladder Via Ferrata.  These two guests were among the many who rose to the challenge this year and climbed Trundle Ridge in this fashion:

CMH Summer Adventures   Skyladder Via Ferrata

3: "Gemini" in the Bugaboos is one of our guides' favourite places to hike.  This particular day in early August it was picture perfect:

CMH Summer Adventures   Gemini Lake Meadows


2: We hosted two photography workshops in the Bugaboos this summer.  One with Bryan Peterson and the other with John E. Marriott.  The conditions were excellent for both trips and the participants and our guides got some great photographs:

CMH Summer Adventures  Sunset on the Howsers


1: A taste of things to come.  Bruce, Carl and the Bobbie Burns team have been working this summer on another element of our High Flying Adventure.  Here's a sneak peek:

CMH Summer Adventures  The Gorge


For more photos from this past summer at the Bobbie Burns and the Bugaboos, visit CMH Summer Adventure's online photo gallery.  Post your favourite summer photos on CMH's Facebook page!

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