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CMH Photography Workshop Contest Winners Announced


In August 2011 we hosted our second Bugaboo Photography Workshop with Canadian wilderness photographer John E. Marriott. Following the workshop John invited the participants to submit their images for a photography contest.  The judges deliberated for hours over the spectacular images each participant submitted to arrive at a decision on the winners in each category.

Without further ado, the winners are:

1) Best Overall Image by Joann Kennedy:

2011 Bugaboo Photography Workshop, Best Overall Image, Joann Kennedy


2) Best Trophy Shot by Jennifer Rutledge

2011 Bugaboo Photography Workshop, Best Trophy Shot, Jennifer Rutledge


3) Best Person in a Landscape by Shanna Baker

2011 Bugaboo Photography Workshop, Best Person in a Landscape Image, Shanna Baker Rutledge


4) Best Intimate Shot by Jennifer Rutledge

2011 Bugaboo Photography Workshop, Best Intimate Detail Shot, Jennifer RutledgeTo see all of the submissions from this year's participants, visit our online photo gallery.

A note from the John E. Marriott and Lyle Grisedale (CMH Summer Adventures guide):

This year's entries into our CMH Bugaboos Photography Workshop contest were a real treat to view and judge. Superb weather, a great group of eager participants and some spectacular locations made for our best year yet of images, many of which either of us would have been happy to call our own. We're looking forward now to next year, we can't wait to see who and what the workshop brings our way!

Learn more about CMH Summer Adventure Bugaboo Photography Workshops by visiting us online or contact CMH Reservations at


Gorgeous and naturally glamorous and just wonderful pictures! For us photo-buffs out there, very worth close study.
Posted @ Tuesday, October 11, 2011 4:02 PM by adventuretravelperson
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