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Family Adventure Vacations: Sparking Imaginations & Enriching Lives

Posted by Jane Carswell on Wed, Dec 21, 2011

How many times have you seen a family light up with laughter and smiles when someone says, “Remember the time we….”? Remember the time we had giant pancakes at that funny place in Wyoming? Remember sunrise at the Grand Canyon? Remember those turtles in the Galapagos? 

CMH's Family Adventures brighten many years of family get-togethers with shining memories of Heli-Hiking in one of North America’s last true wildernesses, the Columbia Mountains, jewels of Canada’s Rocky Mountain West, a festival of dramatic peaks, infinitely blue skies, acrobatic glaciers, and serene, flower-carpeted meadows (not to mention kid-pleasing helicopters, zooming zip lines, ropes courses, and our famously amazing natural outdoor climbing walls, or Via Ferratas).

Young Robson K. is a typical Family Adventure fan. “I loved meeting the other kids and making new friends,” he emailed us recently. “Having so many helicopter rides each day was amazing. The hiking was beautiful and fun.” And Marika P. spoke for many of our happy kids when she wrote that it was “awesome to be somewhere with my mom for three days where her cellphone wasn’t ringing.”

At CMH our guides love to share our mountains’ magic with Family Adventurers. And the special leaders who explore the heights with us --Facilitators of Fun we call them--are just as enchanted as our kids and adults. Their mountain-themed activities (making ice cream from snow, creating photo albums and mountain alphabets, reading explorers’ memoirs where they happened) are designed to be fun, illuminating, authentic and safe.

On a CMH Family Adventure families have the option to hike together or divide into adult groups and kid groups. Back at the lodge after a day of Heli-Hiking, our Family Adventure leaders keep the kids engaged with games and crafts so parents can relax.

Lasting friendships are made, lives are enriched, imaginations are sparked, and families are bonded.

And: No young person comes away from a Family Adventure thinking there’s no true wilderness left in the world, and no young person ends up thinking that wilderness isn’t heart-stirringly beautiful, endlessly intriguing, and very, very worth preserving.  It's a vacation that would even win the approval of Richard Louv.

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