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5 qualities of the perfect active family holiday

Posted by Topher Donahue on Thu, Mar 15, 2012

It all sounds good in the advertising, but precious few family holidays could really be classified as "perfect".  Here are 5 qualities you'll find in the perfect active family vacation:

1. Easy Planning and Logistics
While complicated, challenging family vacations can be good for building character and making for long-lasting memories, they also can be far more stressful and exhausting than just staying home.  In this complicated modern world, you don’t want to return home form the holidays feeling like you need a holiday. 

Instead, the nicest holidays are the ones where you make a single call, catch a flight, and the rest is taken care of by leisure-time professionals who make your vacation a healing, refreshing, exciting, easy time from the first to the last second of the experience.

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2. Intimate times together
While many family vacation packages provide kid activities for the kids, and adult activities for the adults, but not much for the whole family to experience together and with shared enthusiasm and excitement.

The mountain environment, especially when managed by professionals with decades of experience, is an ideal setting for families to have a common experience, complete with challenges, breakthroughs, relaxation, beauty, isolation, and personal growth for everyone. 

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3. Memorable times apart
Everyone in the family needs a little of their own space as well as intimate times together.  The best holidays provide chances for the adults, teenagers, grandparents and young children to spend time on their own age group’s ideal activities, exercise, conversation, food, drinks, and atmosphere.

The perfect family holiday offers challenges for whoever wants it, peaceful respite from the daily grind for whoever needs it, and an inspiring life experience for everyone.

4. Excellent food
The best meal for an 11-year-old is very different from the best meal for a 40-year-old.  The ideal meal plan on a family holiday would provide a breakfast of cereal for the children and eggs benedict for the parents; a lunch of PB&J for the kids and Thai chicken wraps for the parents; and a dinner of pizza for the kids and Cordon Bleau for the adults - all with personal consultation to make sure everyone gets the right kind of culinary experience.

5. Safe adventures for everyone
We tend to think of incredibly thrilling experiences as being potentially dangerous, and therefore not appropriate for the whole family.  While this may be true in some cases, the best holiday is both exciting and safe, giving everyone in the family an experience they will remember fondly for the rest of their lives and sending them home safe and in better health than before they left.  

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I challenge anyone to find a family travel package that fulfills these 5 aspects of a perfect family holiday better than a CMH Family Adventure.  Every family I’ve ever met at CMH has unequivocally stated that the CMH Family Adventure was by far their best family adventure travel experience ever.  Still need convincing, watch this video on CMH's Family Adventure program.

Photos of CMH Family Adventures in the Bugaboos and Bobbie Burns by Topher Donahue.

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