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Mothers, Daughters and Mountains

Posted by Jane Carswell on Wed, May 09, 2012

This is a guest post by Ellen Slaughter, host of CMH's Bodacious in the Bugaboos

Mother's Day Adventures with CMHI am the very proud mom of 3 grown kids – a daughter and two sons. That’s why I’m excited that Mother’s Day is just around the corner. For millions of mom’s around the world, Mother’s Day is a very special day. It’s our day to be spoiled by our families and a time to reflect on Motherhood – the incredible joys and, yes, sometimes the heartache and tears that it brings.

In our family, Mother’s Day has always been the day when I got to choose what we would do to celebrate. So, to the mountains and “a’ hiking” we would go! Sometimes even on Mother’s Day, it felt like a massive push getting everyone organized and out the door. The promise of DQ Blizzards at the end of the day always seemed to help! Now, a few years later, as our kids have grown and moved out and away, some of the best memories and laughs we share when we’re all together are about our crazy mountain adventures.

My daughter, Kate, and I share a great love of the mountains that transcends Mother’s Day. Over the years we’ve skied many days together and hiked many a trail in the Rockies. I recently asked Kate to share some of her thoughts about what our adventures together have meant to her. Here’s some of what she said… “Some moms and daughters bond over shopping, hair and make-up. That didn’t really work for us. The way we got to really bond was heading out of town on outdoor adventures. We always had such great time to connect in the mountains. There were no distractions – tv, phone, friends, boyfriends, brothers, chores, homework, etc. to get in the way of our awesome talks. You really gave me the gift of true time in the mountains.” She went on to say, “Having a mom who was always up for an adventure set such an awesome example for me growing up. You showed me that you can be feminine, brave and adventurous all at the same time. Girl Power!!”

If you and your daughter(s) are looking for a memorable way to celebrate Mother’s Day this year,  a way to create memories you’ll cherish forever, how about giving each other the gift of shared time and mountain magic on a CMH summer trip? One I recommend is The Ultimate Mother-Daughter Getaway. On this 3 day Heli-Hiking Escape, you will hike with Marybeth Bond, acclaimed National Geographic Author and Women’s Travel Expert. She and her daughter, JC will inspire you as they share the challenges and laughs that strengthened their bond while cycling across the US to raise funds for bone health in women ( When you’re not out flying high in the chopper and soaking in the spectacular beauty of the Purcell Mountains, you’ll be tucked away at our remote, luxurious Bobbie Burns lodge relaxing in the hot tub, enjoying a well-deserved massage and chatting as only Mothers and Daughters can over cocktails and 5-star meals!

To all you moms out there, however you choose to celebrate Mother’s Day and make memories with your loved ones this year, let your star shine bright!

Long live the Motherhood!