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5 Favourite Alpine Reflection Photos


What is it about reflections that never cease to intrigue us?  We know if we look across a smooth body of water, from a low perspective, that we will see a reflection. Yet, when a reflection unfolds before us, our minds are captivated by the vision, and if we're holding our cameras, we can't help but take a picture.

Here are my five favourite reflection images from the kaleidoscope of wilderness adventures that make up CMH Summer Adventures. 

This first one, a reflection of a rock being thrown into a glacial tarn, is one of those pictures that I left open on my desktop for a long time. A moment of natural chaos and perfection in the waters of the Columbia Mountains:

water reflection splash

Here, in a technique I learned from the late, great photographer, Galen Rowell, two hikers are invisible against a shadowy background while their reflections do the hiking:

ghost hikers

Just a few steps from the CMH Bugaboo Lodge, a small lake provides both cool swimming on hot afternoons, as well as a photographer’s dream on clear mornings:

bugaboo spires reflection

This one, of the CMH Bobbie Burns Lodge shows the main ingredients of CMH Summer Adventures.  An incredibly remote wilderness lodge and the twin engine Bell 212 helicopter - known as the safest helicopter ever made - a flavorful modern recipe for adventure:

bobbie burns lodge reflection
Finally, my favourite reflection photo ever, shows a group of hikers dwarfed by the splendor of Western Canada’s sublime wilderness:

colombia mountains reflection
Perhaps the thing that fascinates us most about reflections is the symbolism of our own experience - a sort of affirmation of our ability to reflect on our lives and a hope that we can reflect on some of our experiences with the clarity of nature. 

For me, this metaphorical reflection is one of the main reasons I continue to go into the wilderness for adventures. While most of life is muddled with expectations, responsibilities, and complexities, my lifetime’s experiences in nature form a combined collection of memories that I can reflect upon with crystal clarity, every bit as crisp, colourful, and perfect as the lines in these images.

Photos by Topher Donahue.


Topher - I like the old saying: "the camera points in both directions." You've reminded us that - in making images while on a CMH Summer Adventure - reflections can occur at both ends of the lens. Nicely done.
Posted @ Tuesday, May 22, 2012 9:09 AM by Dave Butler
I always think of reflections as a quick glimpse at another dimension of time, and seeing our reflection is the moment where those 2 worlds collide and we see ourselves from the other side....I watched a lot of Star Trek when I was younger....
Posted @ Friday, June 01, 2012 1:29 PM by Becky CMH Reservations
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