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CMH Summer Adventures' guest satisfaction rating nears 100

Posted by Topher Donahue on Thu, Oct 11, 2012

At the end of each summer, we look back and take careful note of how our guests tell us we’re doing.  In fact, that’s how we design our programs in the first place.

This year, if there is one emotion to describe how CMH Summer Adventures guests tell us they feel, it would have to be this: satisfaction

From the informal feedback we get while sitting around the dinner table with our guests after a gourmet meal, to our feedback cards where guest can rate their experience with us, to online forums like TripAdvisor where gusts review and rate their travel experiences of all kinds - the conclusion is obvious - our guests are satisfied. 

The Net Promoter Score (NPS), an industry-wide customer satisfaction benchmark, asks the simple question: How likely is it that you would recommend (the company) to a friend or colleague?

The average NPS score in the tourism industry is 74 out of a possible 100.  Last summer in the Bugaboos, our NPS was 97.  Of course numbers don’t tell the whole story, but we’re particularly proud of that one. 

satisfied couple

The direct feedback from some of our guests is perhaps the most telling:

“My favorite thing was that the entire experience exceeded all my expectations.  That may not sound like much but I had done loads of research, talked to lots of people, devoured the web-site, etc and I had very very high expectations for trip (in some ways, almost guaranteeing that I would be disappointed because I was so "psyched" about how cool this trip was going to be).  To my delight and astonishment, the trip exceeded all my expectations despite how huge my expectations were going in!  I remember walking into the lodge after our last hike on the last day, almost with tears in my eyes, and telling Nina that "I'd rather do this than spend a week in Paris" (my favorite place in the world).  The other favorite thing was that everybody was first class and professional, be it the incredible guides, the pilots, or the lodge staff.  I described it as ‘the Nordstrom’s of hiking’.”

“When I first decided to take a trip to Bugaboo Lodge I was warned that it leaves a permanent imprint, and I now understand what that means. It took a while for the experience to fully sink in, but I do know how glad I am that I went, and I want to let others know about this "hidden" treasure.   The memory I'll alway savour is sitting in the rooftop hot tub with friends after an exhilarating day of hiking, holding a cool drink, overlooking one of the most spectacular scenery I've ever experienced and watching a gorgeous sunset.  Life doesn't get much better.”

best hot tub view
“All the meals were outstanding.   I was blown away by the family atmosphere at the dinner table, and our guide made us feel so welcome.   Every morsel was spectacular, but if I had to choose a favourite meal, I'd point to the scallops -- they were sublime.”
“The unexpected thing was the value of the guides - not only for the obvious reason of knowing the trails and where to go but for completely putting everyone at ease.  For the first time in my life, I was able to hike without any cares - I didn't have to worry about weather, food, safety, time of day, animals, etc.  That was an incredible gift and made it so much easier to relax quickly and enjoy each day.  I think this was even more true for my wife who is more of a worrier, she had an incredible time and never had to worry about logistics or safety.”

And one of many rave reviews from the TripAdvisor website:

“We just returned from the best vacation experience ever! We do a lot of traveling but this was the best experience ever! From the booking process ( flawless ), accommodation (this was my idea of roughing it-soft bed,hot shower and private rooms!), food (5 star Boston restaurants are not as good as the food here!) , the people(outstanding) and the outrageously fun hiking via the via ferrata and the Conrad Glacier!”

To summarize the experience of CMH Summer Adventures is difficult, for the very reason that it is different for everyone.  We like to make everyone’s trip exactly what they want it to be.  If our report card from this summer is any indication, we’re doing just that, and our guests are going home having had their own, personal, perfect vacation.

We’re sad to see the summer slip into fall, as beautiful as every season is here in the mountains, but we’re thrilled to have been able to be a satisfying part of so many people’s favourite summer adventure.

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