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CMH Glacier Trek photos - a pleasure cruise on a sea of ice

Posted by Topher Donahue on Tue, Oct 16, 2012

While glaciers Like Mt. Everest’s Khumbu Icefall make the news for being dangerous, there are many places where a day on a glacier can be a phenomenal and safe experience that is unlike anything else on earth. To judge all glaciers as dangerous because of stories from the Khumbu is about as accurate as judging all sailing dangerous because of stories from the Southern Ocean.

There are also glaciers that are about as benign as sailing in the Florida Keys in nice weather - and the part of the Canadian Rockies that CMH Summer Adventures calls home are laced a friendly web of safe and spectacular glaciers.

If you’ve never been hiking on a glacier, think of it as an opportunity as unique as sailing on the ocean for the first time - minus the sea sickness...

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick just the right pair of boots from CMH Summer Adventures' collection of high quality and clean hiking boots.mountain boots
  2. After a deluxe breakfast, sit in the helicopter for an easy ride from the lodge to the toe of the glacier.  2 bugaboo lodge view
  3. Enjoy your guide’s comfortable way of taking care of you in the mountain world.3 mountain guide and rope
  4. Strap crampons on your boots.  Makes strolling on ice about as tricky as a walk in the park.4 crampons
  5. Pick up your ice axe - a glorified walking stick for the mountains.5 ice axe
  6. Enjoy casual hiking across the sea of ancient ice that carved the very mountains surrounding you.6 hiking on a glacier
  7. The rope just makes it even safer, but is unlikely to be used.  Think of it like wearing a life jacket on a mellow boat ride - you most likely don't need it, but it's smart to wear it.  7 safe glacier experience
  8. Feel the camaraderie that comes of spending a day in the heart of the mountains together.  8 happy girls on an adventure
  9. Feel the confidence that comes of doing something you never thought you’d do.9 feeling strong on a glacier
  10. Walk beneath cathedrals of stone, while your guide makes sure you have the right kind of trek for you - not too hard to enjoy, but challenging if you want it.10 memorable summer vacation
  11. Celebrate however you see fit on top of a world-class viewpoint.girls on top
  12. By the time we returned to the Lodge, the clouds cleared, and we enjoyed a fine meal and the Bugaboo's incomparable dinner view with a few great people who had become even better friends than when we arrived.fine dining after adventure
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