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5 Christmas gifts for the savvy adventure traveller

Posted by Topher Donahue on Mon, Dec 17, 2012

There are two kinds of holiday wish lists. The gifts people think you want, and the gifts you’d like to get. I learned sometime around kindergarten that those two lists do not always include the same items.

On this year’s wish list, I’ve included the kinds of gifts that my family might think an adventure traveller like myself would want - and then the harsh truth of whether or not the item would make my own wish list.

#5 Ever wish you had a little more comfortable way to work while in the airport? I sure do. The Traveler 101 from Tripad attaches to the extended arms of your suitcase or roller bag to make a handy workstation, or just sit it on your lap to support the computer.tripad

Would I include the Tripad on my wish list? Probably not. I’m a freak about travelling with the least amount of stuff necessary, to the point of making my life miserable sometimes.  I’d rather buy a coffee and sit at a table in a chair to take care of business.

#4 As a photographer, I’m a sucker for photo tools. These futuristic video sunglasses from Zion Eyez are equipped with a 720p HD video camera and three hours of memory. They can be equipped with prescription lenses, and look like just another pair of Ray glasses

Would I include them on my wish list? Reluctantly not. The way I treat sunglasses, I’d drop them in a lake on my first day using them, but I’d sure give them a try if somebody left them under the tree with my name on them.

#3 Photo storage is an issue for every photographer, regardless of skill level. Being able to remove photos from a camera and then store and edit them without using a computer sounds pretty sweet.  Epson’s P2000 and P4000 are appealing storage devices for just such a purpose.

Photo viewer P 4000Would I include a P4000 on my wish list? Absolutely - if I wasn’t a professional photographer.  The last thing I want as a gift is something for work. Ugh. If I want one, I’ll buy my own with a tax write-off.

#2 The endless quest for the perfect cup of coffee, in all conditions, is a worthy mission. While camping, the REI French Press Mug will deliver a tasty brew anywhere beans and hot water can be found.

REI coffee press

Would I include this on my wish list? Definitely - if it came with a cute barista. But as is? Hmm. I love coffee, but usually just take black tea on adventures for the ease and simplicity.

#1 What about a gift that isn’t a material good? A slice of precious time away from the rush of life? A trip to a dream destination with an award-winning program and without too many other people? A daily experience that includes lots of fun, relaxation time, great food, just the right amount of exercise and moments I’ll never forget?

gift of experience

Would I want this dream trip to the Canadian Rockies left for me under the Christmas tree?  Without a doubt! Experiences don’t break, lose value, or clutter our lives.  Sure, nice things are, well, nice, but experiences are the ultimate gift.

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