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Plein Air Painting and Photography Workshops with CMH

Posted by Jane Carswell on Thu, Apr 25, 2013

A picture tells a thousand words and whether that picture is created with pixels or a paintbrush, CMH Summer Adventures guests in the Bugaboos will have no shortage of subject matter.
brianirwin Banff Bugaboos 2012 1715 Edit MCMH offers these themed trips at CMH Bugaboo Lodge in 2013:
Photography Workshop with John E. Marriott | Aug 5-8, 2013
Professional landscape photographer and easy-going instructor John E. Marriott joins CMH for his fourth annual Bugaboo Photography Workshop. With an instructor to participant ratio of 1:10, this three-day workshop allows photographers to develop skills on close-up, mid-range and long-range landscape photography with as much instruction as desired. For a sample of the participants photography from last year's workshop, view this online photo gallery »
Painting Workshop with Robert Genn | Aug 23-26, 2013
Acclaimed Canadian artist Robert Genn joins us again in the Bugaboos with his daughter, artist Sarah Genn and CMH's own artist/guide Liz Wiltzen. This is a wonderful opportunity for plein air painters to learn and discuss with one of Canada's finest painters.
Canadian Geographic's Photo Club | Sep 7-10, 2013
Canadian Geographic's Photo Club comes together this fall in the Bugaboo mountain range to hike and photograph with like-minded photographers. Participants need not be a Photo Club member to join. This program provides no instructor, just a chance to explore the mountains at a pace conducive to landscape photography.
Non-artists are welcome to join any of these departures as well and join our classic Heli-Hiking and walking program each day, while sharing evenings together back at the lodge.
For more information on these workshops or any other CMH Summer Adventures, give CMH Reservations a call (1-800-661-0252), or email us.

Photo: Bugaboo Spires, 
Best Trophy Shot - Photographer Brian Irwin

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