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The Great Bugaboos Water Fight

Posted by Topher Donahue on Tue, Mar 20, 2012

It all started between the kids during a family vacation the kids will never forget.  After an educational morning, and a lunch that included making homemade ice cream with cold provided by a nearby snowbank, they were exploring the grassy shore of an alpine lake surrounded by snowcapped peaks. 

girls waterfight fun

One of the professional educators that helps make CMH Family Adventures so rewarding, pulled a bag of squirt guns out of her pack.  The kids knew exactly what to do. 

fishing bare hands fun

In classic unexpected-and-memorable-for-a-lifetime CMH style, one boy caught a fish with his bare hands while filling his squirt gun in the nearest stream.  He let the fish go, and got on with the battle.

alpine lake waterfight teacher

The good-natured educator got the worst of the soaking during the first round of the fight.

dinner toast fun
At dinner that night, the last of the trip, the parents celebrated a great adventure with a bit of wine and many hearty toasts and laughter. 

waterfight lawn wilderness

But the kids weren’t finished yet.  After dinner, they had all the parents join them on the lawn of the Bugaboos Lodge for some final fun at sunset of the long Canadian summer day.  Boxes of water balloons and squirt pistols had been prepared, and with warm temperatures and everyone in good spirits from the best family vacation anyone had ever had, nobody held back. 

father and son waterfight
A father and son got into a fierce squirt pistol match up, but it was the mother and daughter who really took it to another level. 

mother daughter waterfight

After the mother hit her daughter with a water balloon, the daughter picked up a bucket full of water and finished the Great Bugaboos Water Fight with a thorough soaking that will stay in their family’s stories and legends for the rest of their lives.

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